Nalley, at her young age, is already a San Francisco institution
Things are looking up for Kim Nalley, the sultry singer on the hill
By Bruce Bellingham

These days it seems that the only times Kim Nalley has the blues is when she sings them on stage. Blues tunes or no, Nalley’s singing is as smooth as warm Brie on sourdough. She can sing anything. I saw her one night mesmerize the house by performing folk tunes on her guitar.

Nalley, at her young age, is already a San Francisco institution. Her life has changed a lot recently, and she’s only too happy to tell you about it. She has sold her club, Jazz at Pearl’s, which she owned with former husband. There’s a tyranny about being a club owner, she says. She’s pleased to be rid of it. She says her life “was a shambles a year ago,” but things are pretty peachy right now.

Nalley has been compared to Billie Holiday in her stage demeanor, but her voice is far more expansive with a range that reaches nearly four octaves. Michael Tilson Thomas heard her singing at the now-vanished Alta Plaza restaurant in Pacific Heights, and hired her to sing Gershwin with the San Francisco Symphony. You don’t hear stories like that too often.

Not only is she a vibrant, remarkably versatile singer, she’s an actress and a writer. Nalley has a degree in history from UC Berkeley, and she recently studied English literature at Oxford. She’s writing a play, “Ella: The American Dream,”that’s slated for its premiere in January 2010. She also blogs regularly for JazzWest.

Kim Nalley - Mesmerizing! Beyond the Chron

She’s as dramatic as La Boheme … She’s Carmen … She’s remarkable … She’s exhilarating and she’s a Cultural touchstone! AND…SHE SANG THE STIRRING “Mississippi Goddamn!” – and when she sings it – she means it.

Singer Kim Nalley Notes Favorite S.F. Spots
Kim Nalley is a critically lauded San Francisco jazz and blues singer who has performed Gershwin with the San Francisco Symphony and produced sensational musical tributes to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. In June, she will start a two-month residency at the Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko, taking on the music and life of Nina Simone. The former owner of the North Beach club Jazz at Pearl's, Nalley is a faculty member at the Jazzschool and a history student in UC Berkeley's doctorate program. She's as famous for her immaculate style as her remarkable range. We asked the Nob Hill resident to tell us about some of her favorite Bay Area spots...


Nalley was an absolute joy. Review: Joy to the World
San Francisco's Nalley turned in an absolutely gorgeous performance, but it wasn't just her top-shelf vocals. Nalley has a 3 1/2-octave range and the kind of vocal thrust that could strip the varnish off furniture, but Nalley never tried to dazzle anyone with any audio acrobatics.

Jazz to the World With a Voice as Big as the Sea: Preview Article
Aside from her appearance at the Culture Center, she has several shows booked at one of her favorite haunts, The Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The holiday shows there have become a sort of grownup tradition for Nalley and led to a special Christmas CD, "Christmas Time Is Here," which she says captures part of the experience of those shows.

Kim Nalley Song/Storybook Delights Kuumbwa Audiences
The holiday portion of the program, who would have expected it? Apparently all who attended her performance a year ago at
Kuumbwa, as Santa Baby appeared by request and her sexy Eartha Kitt/Betty Boop take on it was a great hit, as was a hysterical
Hanukkah in Santa Monica.

Channeling The Other Ella
Kim Nalley is one of jazz's great spelunkers, a dedicated explorer who delves into forgotten musical crevices to emerge with long-neglected songs and stories.

Brava Interprete all vocalisti nera

Posted on: Saturday November 20, 2010 PST

Lezioni di Jazz

Posted on: Tuesday July 20, 2010 PST

Kim Nalley Pearl of San Francisco


16 июля (четверг) 2009 года Kim Nalley - вокал, США и Трио Андрея Кондакова

tMotion Jazz in Motion Kim Nalley - вокал, США и Трио Андрея Кондакова

Макс Тимошин и продюсерская компания tMotion представляет
 16 июля 2009 года
Арт-клуб «Дуров»


Kim Nalley - вокал, США
и Трио Андрея Кондакова


в проекте «Jazz In Motion»

Жемчужина джаза, выращенная в перламутровой раковине Сан-Франциско. Звезда собственного уникального стиля «Sweet 'n' Sassy». «Красиво и Дерзко»! - Это однозначно про неё. Вокалистка Ким Нелли. В её характеристике – потрясающе чувство свинга и музыкальность широчайшего диапазона. В её манере – блюзовые глубины Бесси Смит и высочайший мелодизм Эллы Фитцджеральд. Голос Ким Нелли, её дух, её образ – заполняют собой всю сцену и заставляют светиться от восторга зрительный зал!


Известно, что сегодня ни одна экскурсия по Сан-Франциско не обходится без визита на концерт Ким Нелли. Певица – местная достопримечательность! Одна из тех миллионов, кто приезжает в этот город за славой. Одна из тех единиц, кто её добиваются. Вообще-то, Ким запросто могла бы стать оперной дивой – голосовой диапазон в три с половиной октавы это позволяют. Но ещё во время обучения в Центре Искусств города Нью-Хейвен, её душа – пела джаз. Голосу – пришлось подчиниться. Телу – пришлось двигаться к океану. В Сан-Франциско есть, у кого поучиться вокальному мастерству: Нелли не пропускала ни одного джем-сейшена в местных джаз-клубах. Как сказал про неё гениальный саксофонист Фил Вудс: «Эта девочка пошла пусть и старомодной, но правильно дорогой». И однажды – эта дорога привела Ким к заслуженному успеху. Сольное выступление темнокожей красавицыКим Нелли в престижном зале «Alta Plaza» – обсуждала на следующее утро вся музыкальная пресса.


Вердикт был един – звезда родилась! Так открываются кулисы великих концертных площадок. Выступления шли одно за другим!Ким аплодировали Линкольн Центр и Метрополитен Опера! Её ждали джазовые фестивали в Монтрё, Монреале и Нью-Йорке! Она привозила сольные шоу в Токио, Стокгольм и Ванкувер! В начале 2000 года – певица вновь доказала свою уникальность. На взлёте карьеры она переехала в Европу! По словам певицы – ей нужны были новые эмоции. Три года Нелли путешествовала по старинным городам и заповедным курортам. Искала вдохновения в австрийских Альпах и голландских ночных клубах. В начале 2003-го года – её триумфальное возвращение в Сан-Франциско отметил каждый значительный таблоид. Клуб «Jazz at Pearl's», который открыла Ким – почти мгновенно стал иконой джазовой жизни великого мегаполиса. Кто там только ни побывал! Звёзды шоу-бизнеса, легенды спорта, бесконечные туристы и даже несколько важных клерков из Силиконовой Долины. На этой волне успеха, в апреле 2006-го года, Нелли выпустила дебютный сольный альбом «She Put A Spell On Me». 10-ть мелодий, достойных шорт-листа премии ГРЕММИ и первых позиций в чарте «Jazz Top 40»!.


А как она поёт хиты Билли Холидей! Даже в театре, несколько сезонов подряд, Ким исполняли её роль. Но во время сольного шоу Москве, Ким Нелли не ограничится репертуаром легендарной Леди Дэй. В компании трио знаменитого пианиста Андрея Кондакова, она блеснёт всеми гранями своего таланта. Певице будет на что опереться. За её спиной – 30-ть лет профессиональной джазовой карьеры Андрея Кондакова, его богатейший опыт выступлений с величайшими звёздами джаза, его искромётный, утончённый джазовый стиль. И не будет ошибкой, если союз этих потрясающих артистов заключить в уже известные музыкальные рамки:


«Sweet 'n' Sassy». «Красиво и Дерзко»! - Это однозначно про них.

Концерт Ким Нелли и Трио Андрей Кондакова состоится в рамках проекта «Jazz In Motion» - серии еженедельных концертов лучших российских и зарубежных джазовых музыкантов на одной из самых уютных и стильных площадок столицы. Признанные корифеи и восходящие звезды, последователи старой школы и экспериментаторы, открывающие новые современные направления - «Jazz In Motion» дарит публике великолепный джаз во всех его проявлениях!



Начало концертов в 20.00

Адрес арт-клуба «Дуров»: м. Добрынинская, ул. Павловская, 6

 Карта проезда

По вопросам приобретения билетов и заказа столиков просьба обращаться по телефонам: +7 (495) 958-5950, +7 (495) 952-2064, +7 (495) 961-8121

Дополнительная информация и аккредитация по телефону 665-0070


Posted on: Sunday June 20, 2010 PST

Standing Ovation Greets Kim Nalley Cafe Americain at the Boiler Room

Nothing quite prepared me for what I experienced last night at Sun Valley Resort's Boiler Room, jaw-droppingly talented Kim Nalley -- she ABSOLUTELY OWNS that stage, body and soul the second she gets on it!!! --

Kim Nalley swings like Ella - sweet, but subtle
Kim Nalley, the sensational San Francisco jazz singer whose new musical play, "Ella: The American Dream," tells the story of the homeless teenage hoofer who became America's most celebrated jazz vocalist.
Posted on: Friday January 22, 2010 PST

Kim Nalley and Rhoda Scott
Kim Nalley, internationally acclaimed vocalist, presents Billie Holiday's songbook in four performances at The Rrazz Room, Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason, SF, from August 20-23. Kim will also perform two late shows with jazz organist Rhoda Scott on Aug 21 and 22. Her "Heart of Lady Day" shows are at 8 PM, with the Sunday show at 7 PM.

If Dinah Washington had lived in the soul era, she'd sound like Kim Nalley.
n 1999 she gained national attention through the release of Million Dollar Secret (Rounder). Jazz lovers had finally found a singer who combined the grace of Billie Holiday with the tartness and vim of Dinah Washington and Helen Humes. There is no need to sidle up to Nalley; she grabs you from bar one. The timbre is distinctive; the voice is full and commanding. 


Hailed internationally as among the world's top jazz vocalists , sublime, gorgeous, Kim Nalley simply blows everyone away with absolute vocal opulence, unparalleled control, and hypnotic stage presence. Robert Bozina Santa Clara University
Posted on: Thursday January 15, 2009 PST

Her scat singing is as rhythmically fluid and melodically inventive as a bebop saxophonist, though she can also deliver a ravishing ballad with a finely honed sense of drama
She's equally commanding belting a double-entendre-laden blues as she is crooning a sultry standard.
Posted on: Thursday January 15, 2009 PST

SASSY Vocalist KIM NALLEY performed ... AHHH, the fabulous HOT vocalist, former co-owner of Jazz at PEARL'S, Beyond the Chron
seen in RARE PERFORMANCE - 3 HOURS - singing gospel, blues, jazz, ballads, gyrating at the mike, danced with a few gents on the scene, between Larry's solos, back to the mike. Kim was AWESOME, FREE from marriage and the chores of running a club, able to concentrate on her singing! .BLOWN AWAY with her GOSPEL flair singing “When The Saints Come Marching In,”
Posted on: Thursday December 04, 2008 PST

Known for her sublime performances, limitless capacity to swing and mischievous sparkle. Monterey Herald
Known for her sublime performances, limitless capacity to swing and mischievous sparkle, you can count on Nalley to entertain and enthrall an audience as she uses her compelling three-and-a-half octave voice to ignite everything from blues and ballads to up-tempo cookers. She has performed at many of the most prestigious jazz festivals both nationally and internationally, including Monterey Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival and The Lincoln Center.
Posted on: Monday June 09, 2008 PST

Vivacious vocalist is a captivating performer: Sea Stars
When it comes to jazz styles, Kim Nalley contains multitudes. The vivacious vocalist is a captivating performer who knows how to seize an audience’s attention. Equally effective belting a suggestive blues piece as delivering a sultry standard, Nalley can scat with authority, often improvising harmonically complex, melodically inventive lines. She’s also developed into a superlative ballad singer.
Posted on: Friday June 06, 2008 PST

Kim Nalley's sold-out one night stand at Spreckels a real treat
What it takes to pack the house is a performer gifted with the magnetism Kim Nalley owns in abundance. Vocalist Nalley took her show on the road to Spreckels Performing Arts Center for a one-night stand with her quartet, Saturday night and the 511-seat theater was sold out. Scoring a standing room-only in a one-night show here is a real rarity.

Posted on: Saturday March 22, 2008 PST

Nalley brings a freshness and bravery to her music
Nalley is never satisfied with one color; she digs into the music, exploring the lyric and finding a spectrum to portray, making her concert above all a celebration of a style that, itself, always manages to find a smile.

Posted on: Tuesday March 11, 2008 PST

True Blues
When Bay Area jazz singer Kim Nalley takes the stage Saturday for an evening of Billie Holiday songs, she plans to do more than just hit the right notes. She aims to set the record straight.

Posted on: Saturday March 01, 2008 PST

Kim Nalley hits a high note with sold-out 'Ella' run
The hottest jazz ticket in Northern California this month appears to Kim Nalley’s production, “Ella: The American Dream” running through January 17 at Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma.
Posted on: Tuesday January 22, 2008 PST

KQED To Do List Cy Musiker, David Wiegand
Jazz singer taking the daunting task of recreating the sound and life of Ella Fitzgerald. Kim Nalley has written her own show and it looks at the early years of Ella and the Savoy Ballroom. Ella is the best Jazz singer ever and Kim ain't so bad either so it should be a great pairing!
Posted on: Tuesday January 22, 2008 PST

God Bless the Child
Kim Nalley keeps Billie Holiday’s music alive
Posted on: Tuesday January 15, 2008 PST

The Glam Diva Behind the City's Jumpingest Joint
San Francisco Magazine's Feature Article on Kim and Pearl's
Kim Nalley Owns the Room
With red-hot Jazz at Pearl's, a glamorous former Deadhead has created the classiest nightclub in town.
With her smooth skin and gleaming black bob, in her tight, full-length black evening dress and string of plump pearls, Nalley is dazzling. You could hear an olive drop into a martini. No one except Nalley is moving as she glides across the floor, giving a friendly glance to one regular, a nod of the head to someone else. Part songstress, part hostess, the thirtysomething Nalley, with her stylish, brassy elegance, owns this crowd.

Nalley, glamorous, garrulous, dramatic, like a diva of the 1950s has a thing for a by-gone time when swing came easier, the light seemed softer, the men were as cool as Sinatra, the women as classy and brash as Lena Horne.


Singer Kim Nalley Wows Downtown Jazz Festival
Singer Kim Nalley Wows Downtown Jazz Festival
By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Berkeley Daily Planet

It takes guts for a singer to do a retrospective on the work of Nina Simone. Well, either Kim Nalley has no fear, or she is damn good at not showing it.

As remarkable as the concert itself—given with Nalley’s traditional sultry, sensual range—is that the singer was able to pull it off in the outdoor plaza while competing with passing buses, chattering children, and the occasional hip-hop beat coming from open car windows on Shattuck Avenue. That, if anything, marks the distinct difference between Nalley and Nina. Simone was the epitome of the proud diva, famous for sometimes halting her performances in mid-stanza to turn her eye on a couple conversing in low tones in the front row, fixing them with an icy stare, and remarking, coldly, “Oh, don’t mind me. I’ll wait until you’re finished.” Nalley has a different type of performance presence, drawing listeners into a special singing circle surrounding her that seems to magically mute any outside thoughts or sounds.

Posted on: Tuesday September 25, 2007 PST

Nalley has pipes to burn
Nina Simone may have been a more powerful voice for change than for singing. Kim Nally, on the other hand, has pipes to burn and works the stage like she means it. Her shows flesh out her "She Put a Spell on Me" CD, and her band - Tammy Hall on piano, Greg Skaff on guitar, Michael Zisman on bass and Kent Bryson on drums - sizzles. $20, VIP tickets $100-$150. 8 and 10 p.m. Through Aug. 12 and Aug. 17-19. Jazz at Pearl's, 256 Columbus Ave., San Francisco. (415) 291-8255, .
Posted on: Thursday August 09, 2007 PST

She did it again! Kim Plays Guitar.
Stormy Weather Benefit Review. After several up-tempo acts, Kim Nalley, owner of the one of the best voices in town, took to the stage with an acoustic guitar and accompanied herself.
Posted on: Friday December 02, 2005 PST

"Ladies Sing the Blues" Best Concerts of the 2004
MARIAN LIU, Mercury News
Besides the Beyonce lineup and the past No Doubt one (with Garbage and the Distillers), there are few all-female-fronted bills. This show showed that women can rise to the challenge with the best of them, and add a little attitude. The three women (Denise Perrier, Kim Nalley and Lady Mem'fis) made me proud to be a woman. Also Pete Escovedo's club has to be my favorite downtown San Jose joint. It's wonderfully luxurious inside.

Some concerts make me feel this job is more fun than work. The best performances remind me why I fell in love with the artists, or make me like them when I didn't before. It's nice when you find something worth the price of a ticket.
Posted on: Saturday October 22, 2005 PST

Beautiful, young and talented, Nalley hasn't had an easy life, yet circumstances didn't deter the gifted artist. BayView Times Biography
Creating a stark presence on the - if you know the venue - cramped stage, Nalley made everything fall away except the song. Blown away by the singer's poise and handling of jazz classics or standards - white flower in her hair hinting at just a few of the great women she channeled that night - I became an instant fan.

Metroactive Interview Concert Preview
Rebirth Of The Cool

After singing jazz, opera, rock and jump blues, Kim Nalley is most comfortable in her own voice
Posted on: Thursday September 29, 2005 PST

Metro vs Merc Gossip
Kim Nalley Sells Out

Sugar on top
Tuesdays- Sugar on top
As a vocalist, she's sensual. As a stylist, she's imaginative. Kim Nalley also just copurchased Jazz at Pearl's, lifting that nightclub to its feet after its brush with over-and-out status a few months back. Onstage she offers swinging rhythms, sharp lyrics, cheery vibrato, and a mustard tone that's pungent, giddy, and fun. Power lunches with co-producer Steve Sheraton and a steady diet of festival-hopping (SFJazz, Stanford Jazz, Switzerland) keep her busy, but her booming charisma, bottomless song supply, and swaggering moves have only strengthened. Side effects are guaranteed. Nalley performs at Pearl's every Tuesday. 9 p.m., Jazz at Pearl's, 256 Columbus, S.F. $5. (415) 291-8255. (King)
Posted on: Sunday August 08, 2004 PST