Metro vs Merc Gossip
Saturday Night Review

Last week, Fly broke the news that PETE ESCOVEDO's Latin Jazz Club had kicked the bucket. Apparently a little sensitive to the fact that we got the story first, the Merc did what is known in the newsroom as "Saturdaying the story"—when they get embarrassed about being scooped, they sometimes bury a rewrite of the story in their least-read edition the following Saturday. In fact, they did the exact same thing the Saturday before, after Biter had scooped them in our March 9 edition about LEONARD McKAY's historical collection of Santa Clara Valley paintings. The Merc published a rewrite on Saturday, March 12, that included identical details about the show. Poor MARK DE LA VIÑA, by the way, got stuck cleaning up after us both times. Except this time, he botched one key fact. Regarding Pete's place, De La Viña wrote, "The SHEILA E concert, a pair of shows by singer KIM NALLEY and an impromptu, late-night performance by PRINCE and his entourage were sell-outs." The Prince show never happened. Fly knows because we hung around and played pool until 4am waiting for him to hop on stage. Hey, folks, we're flattered in the sincerest way, but next time make sure you read all of the news we broke before you re-report it.