Standing Ovation Greets Kim Nalley Cafe Americain at the Boiler Room
Standing Ovation Greets Tillotson, Kim Nalley, etc. At Boiler Rm.; See 'Em Tonight!!!
By Music Rules John Pluntze

Well, people... as much genuinely terrific music video footage I saw of both the endlessly inventive and infectious San Francisco-based "gypsy" jazz band Cafe Americain ( ) -- and the similarly amazing and inspiring jazz singer,Kim Nalley ( --prior to writing that widely-readThursday "Harmonic Convergence" (local music scene-oriented) column article

Nothing quite prepared me for what I experienced last night at Sun Valley Resort's Boiler Room, during that genuinely amazing 3-hour+ show that featured these incredibly-talented San Francisco musicians .... a show that culminated with all of them receiving a much-deservedSTANDING ovation from the verrry large and appreciative crowd that happily stayed right until the end of the show early this morning, around 12:30 a.m.

(And when's the last time you saw anyone at The Boiler Room get one of THOSE, save for those two much-talked about, standing room-onlyconcerts that ex-Ketchum resident Molly Venter at The Boiler Room back in January and April, respectively, last year).

Totally worth the $10 coverjust to see/hear the jaw-droppingly talented Kim Nalley -- she ABSOLUTELY OWNS that stage, body and soul the second she gets on it!!! -- belt out with seeming effortlessnessthe Muddy Waters classic,"I Got My Mo-Jo Working (But It Just Don't Work On You)" ... not to mention her similarly dazzling and mesmerizing renditions of "Ain't Gonna Study War No More," Bob Dylan's "How Does It Feel", "Pennies From Heaven," "Careless Love," "Havin' Fun On the Bayou," "Rhinestone Cowboy" (ostensibly, Nalley may well be a highly-acclaimed"jazz" si nger ...but she can more than hold her own with a c&w song, no doubt about it),and the immediately engaging and memorable"Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" (which was a verrrry obvious fave among the ladies in the audience, especially -- of which there were many -- and for verrrrry obvious reasons!!! (LOL).

And Cafe Americain (NedBoynton, Michael Zisman, Joe Kyle,Jr. and Jason Vanderford)didn't exactly disappoint, either -- with terrifically entertaining and inspiredrenditions (both instrumentals and vocals)of tracks from artistsas variedas ABBA, Nirvana, Phil Collins, The Beatles and Elvis Presley!!

Sharing double duties on both the piano AND the Hammond organ was Idaho-born keys master Paul Tillotson (, who'dalreadyput on onehelluva show yesterday,from4:30-8:45 p.m.there at the Duchin Lounge -- with his Tillotson Trio (the very populartrio alsofeatures bassist Jeff Rew, and visiting New York City drummer Ross Pederson -- whose final stellar performance there in the Duchintakes placethis afternoon/this evening, beforePederson finally returns to New York next week after a five-week stint guesting here with the Tillotson Trio.)

But if Tillotson was feeling at all tired by the time the Boiler Room show started last night (promptly at 9:30 p.m.), he sure wasn't showing it for a second!! In fact, he -- and many of us there in the audience as well last night-- seemed to becomeimmediately and wonderfully revived/re-energized the second the music started ...and the fun began!!!

Lots of verrrry entertaining surprises along the way last night -- both in terms ofWHAT theyperformed and HOW they performed it (Zisman's delightfully empatheticand amusing renditionof "Just a Gigolo" was a real standout for me and the rest of the audience last night-- virtually all of whom eagerly and happily joined in at various points in the song, as we did with several others they performed with equal aplomb last night).

Perhaps the most vivid testimony to justhow much the packed Boiler Room audience was genuinely enjoying the show last night was seeing how FEW people actually left The Boiler Room after the first set ended there (around 11 p.m.).

I've gotten soooo used over the past decade hereto seeing audiences there at The Boiler Room often drop by HALF OR MORE after a particular band has finished their first set, that I just sorta took it for granted last night that the very same thing would happen again.

But the vast majority of the people who did leave The Boiler Room last night (for a smoke, or what-not) were noticeably BACK in their seats by the time the 2nd set began, and almost no one from that point on left -- before the show eventuallyended, around 12:30 this morning!!

And what a seriously-cool sight to everyone jumping out of their seats and giving Cafe Americain, Kim Nalley and Paul Tillotson a verrrrry enthusiastic (and deserved) standing ovation, too, at the end of the evening!!!

See for yourselves exactlyWHY tonight at The Boiler Room. Doors open at 9 p.m. (the first 10 people in line will be admitted free), with music slated to start at 9:30 or so. Call 622-2148 for more info.

These guys absolutely'bring the party' when they play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
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