Singer Kim Nalley Wows Downtown Jazz Festival: Berkeley Daily Planet
Nalley did not try to recreate Nina --who could, after all? --but interpreted her life and music in a way that made us appreciate both Nina's pain and her greatness, in the way the soft, midnight moon reflects the long-departed light of a burning sun.

Kim Nalley - Mesmerizing! Beyond the Chron

She’s as dramatic as La Boheme … She’s Carmen … She’s remarkable … She’s exhilarating and she’s a Cultural touchstone! AND…SHE SANG THE STIRRING “Mississippi Goddamn!” – and when she sings it – she means it.

Did I mention she's gorgeous and actually exists?
Golden-voiced and full of fierceness, Ms. Nalley, a longtime (but not too long) Bay Area phenom and former owner of Jazz at Pearl's in North Beach, intends to keep that message alive for five straight weeks at the Rrazz Room — and sing the sugar out of a Nina Simone set list that runs to 44 songs, augmented with tales of the activist diva's life and accomplishments. If just thinking about doing all that makes you draw a breath, add in that Nalley is finishing up her Ph.D. in history at UC Berkeley, teaching jazz to grade school kids, and preparing to embark on a string of international tours and recording projects. Plus she's catching up on all four seasons of Mad Men. Did I mention she's gorgeous and actually exists?

Simone holds several draws for Nalley, whose show mixes history with the music.
"She speaks to all women, all races," Nalley says. "She speaks to black people. She speaks to civil rights, to the maids in hotels getting below minimum wage."

"She speaks to the oppressed and the underdog. I think that’s something anyone can identify with, regardless of race, gender or anything else."

INTERVIEW: Kim Nalley Conjures a Charm of Music in SHE PUT A SPELL ON ME: KIM NALLEY SINGS NINA SIMONE June 14-July 17 at RRazz Room
We’re blessed to have such a richly skilled, keenly intuitive pool of jazz artists in the Bay Area. Among the finest in our region, our nation for that matter, vocalist Kim Nalley and pianist Tammy Hall offer sublime flair and artistry.


Kim Nalley, She Put A Spell On Me!
Deb Gillespie Interview with Kim Nalley for Dorothy's Closet

The beautiful and sassy Kim Nalley will be coming to The Rrazz Room. Kim Nalley Sings Nina Simone! Dorothy and Toto are so excited about the show that we had to get an interview with this remarkable woman. Her "award-winning tribute, a mix of history, multimedia and song, was first performed by Ms. Nalley weeks after Nina Simone's death, recorded live and turned into a riveting album "She Put A Spell On Me: Kim Nalley sings Nina Simone," which was short listed for a 2006 Grammy Award."

Nalley, whose hand in reopening the North Beach hot spot Jazz at Pearl's has made her into something of a hero in her own right, seems the perfect choice to interpret and pay tribute to the late, great Dr. Simone.
Kim Solo
To be Nina, gifted and black
by Hiya Swanhuyse
Ran Wednesday 8/5/2005 SFWeekly

Nina Simone was a singer, a social commentator, and a fighter. Often called the High Priestess of Soul, she was revered for her command of folk, blues, protest songs, and show tunes. So is it any wonder that Kim Nalley's show "She Put a Spell on Me: Kim Sings Nina" has been so popular?

Driving Socrates reviews Nina Simone Tribute
In-depth review of Kim's tribute to Nina Simone