Discography Links

"Christmas Time Is Here !" (CE Jazz & Blues/City Hall) 2011

"Ballads for Billie" (CE Jazz & Blues/City Hall) 2007

"She Put a Spell on Me" (CE Jazz & Blues/City Hall) 2006

"Need My Sugar" (CE Jazz & Blues/City Hall) 2002

"Million Dollar Secret" (Rounder/Bullseye) 1999

"Tuesday Live at the Alta Plaza" (MTT) 1999

"Beyond the Sea" Rhoda Scott with Kim Nalley (Doodlin' Records) 2010

"Kim Nalley & Johnny Nocturne" (out of print) 1996

"Jazz Dialogues, Vol 3: Out of Nowhere" (Finas Music) James Williams with Kim Nalley Etta Jones Ron Carter & more 2003

"Jazz Dialogues, Vol 4: Music for a While" (Finas Music) James Williams with Kim Nalley Christian McBride Houston Person & more 2003

"Any Woman's Blues" (Rounder/Bullseye) 2001

"Jumpin' at the Border" Josh Workman (Tetrachord Music) 2004

"It's a Bo Grumpus Christmas" (Bogrump Music) 2001 (out of print)

"Careless Love" Michael Zisman's Americano Social Club

"Cafe Americain Social Club" Cafe Americain with special guest Kim Nalley 2009

"Why Must It Be?" Dave Scott Jazz Quartet 2006

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Track from Blue Skies Shawn Ryan (LML) 2005
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